One of the most aesthetic Adsense and Chitika combos is the 468 Adsense link unit and 468 Chitika Multi-Product Unit. The main advantage of this combination is that it doesn’t look like an obtrusive ad that visitors might want to avoid. In fact, if you match the colors of Adlinks and eMiniMalls text and titles you’ll create an attractive ad the draws attention and gives a visitor more choices to find the right product. This combination is best used at the end of the article where the visitor has learned more about the product that you reviewed and can now either choose a specific product shown in the Multi-Product Unit or decide to research more through Adsense Adlink which points them in the right direction through the Adlink keyword. The Adsense ads don’t allow you to target specific products like Chitika eMiniMalls do, but I have found out that Adsense’s contextual targeting is very good and will often display the right keyword above the eMiniMalls ad. This will not only make the combo look like a single attractive advertisement, it will increase your click-through rate and also enrich your website’s appearance.

Here are 5 ways to make the best of this combo:

1. Ad Unit Colors: Match the colors of Chitika eMiniMalls and Adsense Adlinks with the colors of links and titles of your website.

2. Link Colors: Test whether blue links are effective on your site or not. Visitors are used to blue links but also overwhelmed with blue-linked ads everywhere on the web. I’ve found out that the blue color #000099 works well for my website.

3. Ad Unit Size: If you review a specific product, you might want to use a single 468×180 Blog Banner instead of 468×180 Multi-Product Blog Banner.

4. Location, Location, and Location: Place the combo at the end of the article and allow the visitor to make the choice after they have read your review. MPU units often get up to 5% CTR at the end of articles which is excellent.

5. Just Do It: Implementing this combo is easy. Just use Adsense code, Chitika MPU code and you’re done!

Tip By: Tomaz Mencinger, Financial Freedom Ideas 

What do you think of this implementation? Got a Chitika/Adsense combo of your own? Comment with your own tip & it may be picked to be part of this series!