By: Karla Escolas

“Thanks for voting- YOU ROCK!”

Your thoughts are in; looks like the votes are 50/50 regarding the new rounded-edge style of the eMiniMalls unit. Half of you prefer the classic square edge and the other half like the new rounded style. When it comes to changing the style of an ad unit, your main concern seems to be whether or not it will mesh well with the layout of your page. If your page has “box-style” content, the square eMiniMalls unit would look best and vice-versa.  

So how do you cater to everyone? Simply give a choice of style – we will be working on this feature in the future for our publishers. What we are focusing on now is cleaning up the look of the current style to look better on your pages. This is also very important so that your Chitika eMiniMalls units will achieve even more exposure on your pages.

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