I post very detailed and lengthy reviews, with lots of resources and links. There are numerous places on these pages for Chitika and AdSense ads, and it took some time to work out the best sequence and placement.The best advice I can give is to test and test again. Each site is different. Your readers and your content are different than mine. Testing is the only way to be able to tell what works best. I tested multiple layouts and then totaled up all my Chitika and AdSense revenue per 1000 impressions to see which layout performed best. I ended up using one AdSense unit per page, two eMiniMalls (a 468×60 and a 468×180 MPU), and an RPU (Related Product Unit).

Generally speaking, the Chitika ads performed best towards the end of the reviews, while the AdSense ads performed better higher up. The image below shows one thing that really blew my mind. I’ve got a section where I have affiliate links under a header that says “Compare prices on the (insert model name) at these merchants.” I would have thought that the Chitika eMiniMall would have worked better right under it, but no, it performs best right above it! I never would have known without testing it.  

Tip By: Rich Owings, GPS Tracklog

What do you think of this implementation? Got a Chitika/Adsense combo of your own? Comment with your own tip & it may be picked to be part of this series!