By: Karla Escolas

“What ad unit is most successful for you?”

The Chitika | RPU (Related Product Unit), has proven to be one of the most profitable ad units among our publishers. Users like Luigi, owner of have seen an overall ad revenue increase after using the RPU & JErm of the actually doubled his revenue over night!

What makes the RPU so great? By customizing the css you can make the RPU match the exact look and feel of your website. This makes it look less like an ad and brings value to your website providing helpful information & resources about the products you are selling or reviewing.

Here are 3 RPU units customized to match 3 different websites.

All three of these RPU units were customized to cater to the design of the website they’re on. The success our publishers get with the RPU has alot to do with their ability to change the look of it because not every style will look good on every website. Customize your RPU:  More about RPU/Publisher Requirements