More than just an ad on your pages, eMiniMalls provide helpful information including a product image and multiple merchant purchasing sources. Most importantly you can control what products are shown in your eMiniMalls, like this seasons hot holiday shopping items. Putting this unit on your page is easy- just paste a few lines of code. Apply Now!.

Related Product Unit (RPU)

The RPU is a close second to eMiniMalls when it comes to earning you revenue. Publishers love this ad unit because it doesn’t “look” like an ad, and it can be completely customized.


ShopLinc is your own personalized storefront – perfect for the holiday shopping season. If you’re a Chitika user, your ShopLinc store has already been created for you; just login and click the “ShopLinc” tab.


Use the ShopCloud to link to your favorite holiday shopping products or use one of our 44 categories to display products.


Linx has recently undergone an image/code panel makeover for the better according to our happy publishers. And yes, the new Linx can be used along with Google Adsense on your pages.


You can display hot products on your pages in one of 5 attractive skins (And don’t forget to add your own tag line!). Login and click the “Owna” tab if you’re a Chitika user. You don’t have to be a publisher to show this off on your site, but you will need to be a Chitika member to earn revenue from it, so sign up now!