Tracking the performance of your ad units is important so you tell which ads are performing well; and once you see an ad unit not doing as well you can immediately make the necessary changes. The easiest way to track your ads is by using our Channel Management feature.

Naming You can create up to 1000 channels within each product code panel. Naming your channels based on what they are or where they’re located ensures you can easily make changes. Example: “468×180 on home page” or “Right sidebar unit”.

Channel Reports Once you create a channel you can view stats for each one. Login and click the “Reports” tab where you can filter your Reports. Here you can view a breakdown of a channel by viewing the stats from the past 7 days, the past month, or select your own dates. You can also save your stats by clicking the “Customize and save reports” link on your reports page to refer back to in the future You can also receive your custom channel reports via email. Once you save a custom report, you can schedule it with the “Report Channel Manager” under the Reports tab. Reports can be sent every day, once a week (on Monday), or on the 1st of every month.

LOGIN to set your channels or view your channel reports.