Chitika has released two great blogging resources this year; the first was in April 2007, where 30 experts took over The Chitika Blog for 30 days posting a new post each day and sharing their blogging wisdom. These expert posts make up our free eBook “Deep Secrets of Successful Blogging” which to date has been read by over 5,000 publishers. Our second successful eBook this year was released at the beginning of this month – “Using Chitika with Google -Expert Advice”. Five publishers gave us their most effective Chitika and Google ad combinations. This eBook has already been read by over 700 publishers in just under a month.

SO WHAT WILL BE NEXT? We want your help choosing what our next publisher-inspired eBook will be about! Submit your topic choice(s) in a comment or email me at karla(at)chitika(dot)com & get a chance to be part of our next successful eBook that will be enjoyed by hundreds (possibly thousands) of bloggers!