By: Mike Axiak

“Sympathizes with Linx Servers”

Linx is out! I know you all know this already, but I still don’t believe it. Three weeks and over 300 publishers later, there are still many improvements that are being pushed out, and many really cool changes that will come down in the not-so-distant future. Here are some of the improvements that have come out in the past week or so:

  • Default include classes: No more need to specify, unless you really want to.
  • Better keyword targeting: This will be improved in the future as Linx figures out how keywords performed.
  • Increased ad pool so that more keyword can have higher-quality ads.

Improved relevancy? You be the judge. (Source)

Each of these have had tremendous impacts on the performance of Linx, and there is a nontrivial list of things to keep working us busy and the product performing even better. Linx has a lot of really cool features to it, but most (if not all) people probably don’t know what the coolest ones are. You might have noticed, but we designed Linx to be *fast*. What does that mean? With many in-text ads, the browser itself has to look around for the keyword. With our system— if you use HTML classes —our servers tell the client exactly where the keyword is on the page (or at least as close as it can). Our servers work very hard to download your pages and give the right information to your browser via JavaScript to display ads. When a person puts their mouse cursor over a keyword, the ads will come up almost instantaneously. The main price to pay for this is that we need to work extra hard to ensure that all the pages in the world can be understood by our server. We have been in the process of working through all pages that call us. If you happened to try Linx and saw no keywords highlight, trust us— we know, and are working to fix it. (You may even get an email saying that we personally ensured your site works.)

That’s it for now. If you have any more comments or suggestions for Linx, please let us know! We are definitely open to change things to fit everyone’s needs. About Chitika | Linx