By: Karla Escolas

“Do you have a shopping mall on your website?”

I’m guilty of two things: last minute holiday shopping & comparing prices. As I walked into my third mall of the day yesterday I realized it had taken hours to find the same product at different prices, when instead I could’ve searched for it in an eMiniMalls unit & seen the different deals in seconds. Which is why I want to show you how neat a Chitika | eMiniMalls unit truly is. One thing in the back of my mind while shopping is, “I wonder if there’s a better deal elsewhere?“. This is a comparison shopping thought that eMiniMalls can answer for you because an eMiniMalls unit is packed with millions of products including about 25,000 different brands. Most ad units include a link to only one item with usually only one place to purchase it, and on top of that you have to view it on another page which takes your visitor away from your website. An eMiniMalls unit gives your visitor the chance to view descriptions & multiple purchasing choices for up to 4 products in the unit itself!

Searching for products here will refresh your unit with more products – NOT take you to another page. Chitika | eMiniMalls ad units are not only a must-have for holiday shopping on your website or blog, but an informative tool that your visitors can benefit from year-round. Sign up for eMiniMalls today! Learn more about this new way of shopping with eMiniMalls.