By: Karla Escolas

“Tis the season for code freedom”

In honor of “publisher tip day” on the Chitika Blog (since today’s previous post also happens to be a publisher tip) I would like to highlight a question asked by a publisher in our forum, Chitika SPHERE.

The question was:Are we allowed to rearrange the sequence of the code below, e.g. the location of ch_default_category = “80”; ?” In other words, can he manually edit his Chitika eMiniMalls code and rearrange where each line of code goes?

The answer is yes. Now I am not sure of any practical uses for this, but the important thing is it’s okay with us! In fact there is a lot of neat things our publishers are able to do, such as:

Choose what products to display in your ad unit by setting keywords: var ch_queries = new Array(“ipod mini”, “nintendo wii”, “dell laptop”);

Disable the search tab in your eMiniMalls unit: ch_nosearch = 1; 

Make the ‘Best Deals’ Tab the default: ch_default_tab = ‘Best Deals’;

And also, thanks to Chitika publisher Stasys Bielinis, check out his tip for better targeting, “Let eMiniMalls do your dirty work

Did we miss something? We are always open to requests & comments about our ad units, so tell us!