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“You try to use the relevant keywords in your blog post headlines, don’t you?”

When displaying pay-per-click ads (PPC), the ad targeting can make the key difference between dismal and excellent click through rate. Why should anyone click a flower ad on your gadget website? Even default keyword suggestions and broad categories like “PC desktops” or “Pets” sometimes are not enough. When a reader is checking out my Dell XPS 1330 review, I want for the ads about Dell XPS 1330 or at least Dell XPS and other gaming computers to appear in in my Chitika eMiniMalls and Chitika RPU boxes. And ads about dogs have no place in my cat grooming blog post. But short of creating a separate ad code with relevant keywords for each blog post, there’s no way I can do it on my WordPress blog. Or is there? Actually there is, it’s pretty easy and if you know how to copy & paste the ad code into your blog template, you can do this too. The key here is this line in Chitika ad unit code.

This is where Chitika servers read the suggested keywords from, match them to their inventory and serve the relevant ads. Just get the relevant keywords for each blog post in here and your ad relevance should increase significantly too. There are quite a few ways to do that. The easiest one involves getting your blog post headline into the Chitika ad code as a keyword string. You try to use the relevant keywords in your blog post headlines, don’t you? Then ad this line of code into a place where Chitika keywords go: “< ?php the_title(); ?>”, so the ad code looks like this, and you are done.

Now you have a different post headline with relevant keywords in Chitika ad units, that load with every individual blog post page. And you can still fall back to relevant categories on the main category, archive and blog home pages. If you want to be more precise and insert the keywords exactly how they should appear, you can do that as well. You just need to know a little PHP and actually write down the keywords after each blog post. Use any of the tag plugins or tags functionality in WordPress 2.3 to enter relevant keywords as tags. Or you can have a separate custom field where to enter the keywords. Then you just use the function that outputs the value of these fields as a text string and you get a highly targeted ads again. This actually worked for me quite well when Chitika Linx was in very early beta and their contextual spider truly sucked. I just switched to the non-contextual mode and copy/pasted to custom field the words from my blog post, to be highlighted as Linx. But I haven’t tried this after recent Linx changes so I’m not sure how that will work today.

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