By: Karla Escolas

“How does Linx do for you?”

(Read: In Your Pocket!!!)

Chitika’s new stylish in-text ad unit Linx was released to the entire Chitika publisher network just one month ago. Many of our members took the code right away to test how Linx compared to their other in-text ad’s and were very happy with the results. Linx did quite well for Al Carlton over at Self Made Minds. He put together a nice comparison of the different in-text ad networks. See his comparison chart here. Linx is compatible with Adsense, it’s fast and it will not slow your page down. “With many in-text ads, the browser itself has to look around for the keyword. With our system— if you use HTML classes —our servers tell the client exactly where the keyword is on the page (or at least as close as it can).”

Mike Axiak, Chitika engineer. You can read his full post about Linx updates here. Got Linx?