The kitchen is often called the “heart of a home”; here at Chitika our mission statement is the heart of our business. We pride ourselves on our mantra, “Engaging Brands, Bloggers, and Buyers” and believe this statement defines Chitika at the most fundamental level. We identify each participating element of our objective, the brand, blogger, and buyer, as being imperative in the eminence of our business.

In accordance, we accredit our success in making advertising work on blogs to our ability to functionally engage brands, bloggers, and buyers. Chitika often boasts verticals to outline the power of our networks, numbers such as 1 billion monthly impressions and 15 million unique monthly visitors. I argue that these raw statistics steal the spotlight from the pivotal “middle-player” in our mission statement equation; the blogger, or as I have newly-defined as of late, the e-fluencer.

So far I have sanctioned Chitika’s mission statement to be the heart of our business; I will now take this metaphor into the operating room. In dissecting the Chitika heart, our valued bloggers, or e-fluencers, serve as the muscular pump, the ventricles, that keep the blood circulating through the body. As the left side of the heart pumps oxygen-rich blood (Chitika ad units/brands), the right side receives blood that is low in oxygen (ie; publisher sites without Chitika ad units) from the veins and pumps it to the lungs to be re-oxygenated (ie; Chitika ad unit code placed on the publisher site). The blood then can circulate other organs in the body, or for the purpose of our metaphor, reach potential buyers. The Chitika heart pumps through engaging brands, bloggers, and buyers; without our valued bloggers this continous circulation, or equation, would cease!

By Tessa Rudd – Account Executive- Advertising Media Division, Chitika, Inc.