By: Tessa Rudd


I am thrilled to introduce ChitikaPulse. ChitikaPulse is a weekly publication that highlights emerging trends in online advertising and merchandising in the blogosphere. We will be covering a wide range of topics related to online branding, e-commerce, retail in the long tail and direct merchandising within the blogosphere and the social networks. Over the past five years Chitika has established itself in being the leading blog advertising network. Now, through analyzing queried data from our reporting systems, Chitika will further persevere to additionally serve as a leading measurement resource and data analysis medium for the online marketing industry. In this first edition, we analyzed our network data collected during the 2007 holiday shopping season and summarized the top products. As expected mp3 players were the most popular product on Chitika’s network for the 2007 holiday season. While apple products took the lead as most popular brand among Chitika’s online consumers, unexpectedly the Sansa Flagship SDMX mp3 player beat out the iPod suite (iPod Nano 4gb and iPod Video ranked 3rd and 4th in our top ten line-up).