Jeff and i have been very busy in vegas since arriving here yesterday. Jeff has been meeting up with numerous bloggers from our network and chatting about their experience with chitika. Jeff was happy to find that many of the bloggers he has spoken with over the past two days reported that they were able to leave their regular jobs to start blogging full time. Furthermore, they are able to make a great living doing so.
I spent yesterday visiting exhibits in the north, central, and south halls of the exhibit and today i am exploring the venetian which holds the specialed exhibit; “innovations plus”. So far i have found a great deal of attention has been on hdtv innovations, particularly “anywhere hdtv”; meaning hdtv compatibility for mobile phones and pocket pc’s. Slingplayer, for example, offers this technology.

I attended a presentation yesterday for new kodak “prosumer” digital camera technology; the three featured models (m1033, v1273, and z1085is) offer the most comparable yet SLR technology at a consumer affordable price (ranging $300-$400 instead of the usuall $1000 plus for SLR features). Fyi; “prosumer” is a convergence of “professional” and “consumer”. I expect many prosumers turn to efluencers to make informed buying decisions, or are efluencers themselves.