While walking through an innovations plus exhibit hall at CES i was stunned to hear a dog barking at me. I turned to see an adorable computerized grey robot dog (this one’s for you mike) wagging his tail and walking back and forth quite proudly.

His name is “Wrex the Dawg” and, as his owner Benny (representative from WowWee) explained “Wrex has tons and tons of personality”. Three “moods” to be exact; happy, angry, and crazy. Wrex can be programmed to pick his mood at random or his owner can program him using Wrex’s remote control.

Operating on 14-motors, Wrex walks, talks, raises his paw, exhibits full facial animation, and spins his slot machine eyes; overall Wrex is highly interactive. Wrex is designed to look like a junk-yard dog, and with this, his act includes breaking down at times, leaving the owner responsible for reprogram him.

Wrex will be let loose on US markets come early summer. Keep your eyes peeled for Wrex the Dawg on the streets, in parks, in the arms of young hollywood socialites. Or check him and an innovative variety of robot friends out at WowWee.