I just sat in on a presentation for a new navigation device.

Similar to the portable function of the tomtom one and garmin nuvi, gps manufacturer Routon, has launched a portable (indoor and outdoor use) gps device. The Routon devices however offer added features in supporting mp3 (WMA, MP3, WAV format), movie (WMV, AVI, DAT, MPG format, games, and a FM transmitter.

With u-tube and video pod-casting emerging as a popular trend it was of no suprise to me to find many exhibitors promoting new web cam and digital video technology.

Company Lianyida displayed new wireless video camera technology with 100-500m transmission ranges: including various functions such as night vision, and transparency broadcasting function. The cameras include a 2.5″ LCD color screen image receiver that looks very similar to last years video iPod. Can you say nanny-cam? I am noticing a wide variety of iPod, iPhone, and non mac mp3 player accessories at this year’s show; including advanced sound technology usb docks, plastic cases that clip onto the devices and plug directly into a usb dock, and even solar panel backpacks to charge up any wireless device! (But not in today’s rainy Nevada weather).