Motorola took the lead as number one brand, winning in two categories at the annual CNET sponsored Best of CES Awards. Chitika’s network reflects the same trend, according to data queried over the past week, as Motorola was the most popular cellphone/smartphone brand among Chitika’s online consumers. The Motorola Rokr E8, premiering to the public for the first time at this year’s CES, won awards for both Best of CES’s “people’s voice”, and, “best new cellphone or smartphone,” categories. Evaluating data queried from January 7th to January 14th Chitika ranked the top five most popular cellphones and smartphones based on clicks generated through Chitika’s system and then analyzed each product ranked into relative percentages.  

Apple’s iPhone 8gb came in as number 1 on Chitika’s network, representing a total 28.47% of the relative top five. However, three of the five cellphones/smartphones ranked in this study were Motorola brand, representing a total 56.04% of the relative top five; Motorola therefore dominates Chitika’s most popular cellphone/smartphone brand. The RAZR V3 came in as number two, the Motorola ROKR E1 came in at number three, and the Motorola RAZR V3i ranked as number five.  

-By Tessa Rudd, Account Executive – Advertising Media Division