By: Karla Escolas

“I’m not lazy; I’m just…meh.”

Are computers slowly replacing everyday tasks with easier (read: lazier) services? Instead of heading to the grocery store on the weekends, now you can enter your grocery list online and have it delivered right to your home. I guess you could say this saves time, but the big picture just tells me, “you’re lazy and we can help you.” Companies facing competition to offer services online can either start offering the online services themselves or come up with new marketing ideas to keep people coming into their store. Blockbuster actually did both while deciding to move with the trend and offer their own mail-in DVD service to compete with the popular Netflix service, while others like Hollywood Video did not.

So what is the latest trend people are enjoying via computer? Catching up on our favorite television shows. With the increased use of computers it only makes sense. Does this get people off their couch? Yes, but then probably just re-locates where they sit to a more uncomfortable computer chair. Upgrade? And, not to mention, a smaller screen. Yikes. The days of internet video are evolving from minutes of entertainment on YouTube to hours spent watching TV shows. This is now forcing popular cable channels like HBO to start making their way into online video to keep up with the demand. I am curious as to how many people enjoy watching TV shows online and what, if any, advantages there are to doing so?