Do expensive corporate branding efforts and promotions, such Microsoft’s 2008 Xbox initiatives, influence gaming brand preference among consumers? Demand for gaming hardware and software has been consistently high on Chitika’s network as of late. Surprisingly, Sony—not Microsoft—dominates as the most popular overall gaming brand on Chitika’s network (representing gaming hardware and software collectively). The Sony brand accounts for 45% of the relative top thirteen gaming products ranked on Chitika’s network in the past week. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 comes in as second most popular brand, representing 28.07% of the relative top five.  

Chitika’s system does however report Microsoft to be number one among online consumers when it comes to gaming software. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare, Halo 3, and Rainbow Six : Vegas, constitute 46.32% of the relative top eight gaming software products ranked. Chitika’s online consumers also favor the Sony brand when it comes to gaming hardware (consoles and accessories). Sony’s Playstation PSP, Playstation 40 GB, Playstation 80 GB, and MSX-M2GN 2GH Memory Stick Duo Pro account for 71.93% of the relative top-five gaming hardware products ranked on Chitika’s network over the past week.

By Tessa Rudd, Account Executive – Advertising Media Division