By: Karla Escolas

“I’m a speed texter”

In about 4 years you just might be protecting your cell phone the same you would your bank or credit cards. One-third of Japan is already making contactless payments using their cell phones and by 2012 between 8-30 million customers in North America will be too, projects a report by technology research firm In-Stat. This immediately suggests a security issue to me. How many of you have lost or badly damaged your cell phone? For me, it’s been more than one in the past 6 years. By 2012 cell phones will either be the size of credit cards, or bigger and bulkier. If contactless payments are the future of cell phones, which do you think will be better – smaller phones (easy to hide) or larger (harder to steal or lose)?

Posted By: Karla Escolas, CRM/Marketing | “The Buzz Girl”, Chitika, Inc.