By: Tessa Rudd

Chitika went to this year’s CES with every intention of making it unforgettable like we do with so many events we attend. Our initiative at this year’s CES was to network with our current publishers and advertising partners, and also to meet-up and chat with attendees who wanted to learn more about Chitika. To stir things up a little, our theme at this years’s CES was, “Mission: Possible.” Our aim was to hand out fifty ‘Go-Phones’ (AT&T cellular phones) to attendees and exhibitors who we connected with.

We relayed the following mission to our chosen ‘agents’; “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn this Go-Phone into an iPhone. We warn you, Agent, this mission is easy – it’s totally possible. Switch on the phone, access the contacts list, text code word: CHITIKA to Headquarters. We’ve recruited 50 agents for Mission: Possible. You must text to succeed.”

Our agents (as well as Jeff and myself) had lot’s of fun carrying out “Mission: Possible”. Our agents all diligently texted-in the secret code to headquarters, hoping their Go-Phone would turn into an iPhone. Mission: Possible successfully ended on Jan. 25th with two winners! Chitika would like to thank all agents for fulfilling the mission.

Let’s all congratulate iPhone winners:  Nicole Tehan of Ketchum in New York, NY, and Gundeep Hora, of!

What’s Next for Chitika? Make sure you look for us at eTail2008!!!