By: Tessa Rudd


According to Internet Marketing News Watch, the, “US Internet advertising revenue will grow from $16.9 billion in 2006 to $31.3 billion in 2011,” which reflects an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.5%. The power of branding on the internet is well reflected by the Apple brand. While Apple stayed out of this year’s Super Bowl ad line-up; the brand’s popularity among online consumers did not waiver. Out of Chitika‘s top-50 products ranked in the past week, Apple’s brand represents 20%; and thereby represents an impressive 31% of relative total clicks generated by the top-50.  

Despite an impressive audience reach and it’s illusive advertising industry prestige, televised Super Bowl commercials remain risky ventures. Following last year’s Super Bowl, Garmin received negative publicity after being named the worst among scores of Super Bowl ads broadcast.