Helio – youth-oriented mobile carrier – has announced a partnership with mobile site provider Buzzd to launch a new local nightlife search site. Helio’s new service will offer a mobile Web site (linked from the home page of the carrier’s browser) allowing users to search for bars, clubs, and restaurants in major cities. Data queried in Helio’s new search will come from current Buzzd partners, specializing in event/entertainment information services, including Flavorpill, TimeOut, and Citysearch. The service, which will be ad-supported, will also bundle-in real-time “event feeds” with night-specific deals and pricing for respective hot-spots; updates will range from how long lines are to the current mood of the bouncer. Think informational social networking (ie; “the hostess told me one hour…and it’s been like threeeee!)

Currently the service requires users to provide location or street intersection. Helio, however, is looking to pull GPS into the mix, since Helio handsets are already equipped with the technology. Then bar-hoppers wont have to know their actual point-A vicinity (as some, peculiarly, do not) to be directed to point-B. As location-based mobile services are becoming more accessible and widely-used, I expect this new Buzzd powered service will be a hit among Helio’s youth oriented demographic (ie; those who adore all of the elements outlined above; cellular devices, social networking, night-life). Chitika has already added real-time mobile technology into our mix; and plan to venture further in the mobile arena soon! 

What do you think about location-based mobile services?

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division