Today when you log in, your reports tab will be completely different, but in a wonderful and exciting way. We gathered all your traffic data and condensed all the information you need into one nicely organized area. Your unaudited & audited reports and channel management is now all in one place for you; in the “Reports” tab.  

Most importantly, along with condensing your information, we have added some great new features that will help you monitor and enhance the ad units on your pages. With these new features right at your fingertips, you will have what you need in seconds so you can focus on individual enhancements to increase your revenue with Chitika.

New Features

1. Quick Links – Designed with you in mind, to save you time. Quick Links will give you a breakdown of where you are making the most revenue, where you should focus on driving your traffic and which part of your site you need to work on.

2. Group, Save & Delete Channels – Yes, you can already create as many channels as you want; now you have the option to group & save them. This will help you compare the performance of one group of channels to another.

3. Other cool new features – Login and check them out! What do you think about these new features? Leave us some feedback by commenting below.