After extensive networking, rounds and rounds of Coronas, and a red-eye from Palm Springs yesterday, Chitika has returned from a successful trip to the Emerging Channels and Media Summit, eTail 2008!

Chitika’s CEO Venkat Kolluri, our PR firm Greenough Communication‘s VP Scott Bauman, and I spent three days in Palm Desert, California, enjoying North America’s largest retail event. The theme of eTail 2008, to “optimize and innovate: get your brand ready for the future of retail”, effectively and valiantly set the scene for Chitika’s main objective at the summit; to launch our premier Viral Branding Unit (VBU). We enjoyed chatting with participating eTailers (attendees and exhibitors alike), about the power of our new VBU, designed specifically for branding in the new web; and had a great time meeting with existing and potential new Chitika partners.

Chitika sponsored the “Around the Carnival Cocktail Reception”, held the evening of Tuesday February 12th; all 1,300 summit delegates were invited to attend the event, which boasted great food, drink, music, and carnival style games. Chitika’s ping-pong game, where players had to throw ping-pong balls into glass fish-bowls, was quite popular (even though I failed to get any in)! Chitika also raffled off three Apple iPhones to everyone who visited our table and dropped a business card into the pool. Just before the reception came to a close, Scott Bauman chose three winners (at random). I am happy to announce and congratulate Chitika’s iPhone contest winners; Brian Shun, of LifeWay Christian Resources, Rich Lesperance, of Circuit City Stores, Inc., and Michael Dell’Arciprete of Boca Java Gourmet Coffee and Teas

We would like to thank all attendees who participated in our contest. Furthermore, Venkat, Scott, and I contend that everyone who extended interest in the new Chitika | VBU, and spoke with us about the value of branding in the new web, are winners! Billions will soon be flowing into the blogosphere and social media, and as Worldwide Business Research advises to eTailers; “with competitors gaining market share daily, and consumers fully immersed in digital conversations with each other, ensure your brand is top of mind and increase lifetime value now.” Hats off to an exceptional eTail 2008!

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Divsion