By: Tessa Rudd


I recently returned from eTail 2008, America’s largest retail event; this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to survey big brands, and discern current and future interest in advertising (branding) in the new web (blogs and social media). Out of the eTail attendees Chitika surveyed, 59% currently advertise in the new web. The 59% who currently advertise also plan to increase their new web ad spending in 2008. The 29% surveyed who do not currently advertise in the new web, importantly, plan on doing so in 2008. A mere 12% report that they currently do not advertise in the new web, and do not have plans to do so in 2008.  

Our survey brings good news for consumer electronic oriented publishers and marketers. All attendees representing consumer electronic brands, comprising 67% of total attendees surveyed, notably, report plans to increase new web advertising budgets in 2008. Furthermore, our survey finds that consumer electronics is the dominant category currently branded/advertised on the new web.  

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division