One of our premier Chitika | VBU advertisers, mimoco, brings mimobot Designer USB Flash Drives to Chitika’s network.

mimoco’s mission is “to bring style and soul to personal tech devices and to inject interactivity into the underground Art Toy movement,” and the two 2” ‘little friendly data fiends’ host 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capabilities.

New Web Approved. To succeed in the new web, brands need to be innovative and carry a storyline that online consumers will want to interact with; mimoco certainly accomplishes this.

The Story. mimobots of planet blõôh , have traveled a long time across multiple parallel systems to reach earth, suffer from ‘flash events’ that raze their memory, and take part in an incomparable adventure of human/mimobot symbiosis. Check out the mimoco site to learn more about mimobot history. We are impressed with mimoco’s stylish mimobots, available in three ‘flavors’; core series, artist series, and officially licensed crossovers of entertainment franchises, from Star Wars to Domo. Look out for Chitika | VBUs, powered by mimoco, and watch the mimobot line-up in action!

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division