Meet the one of the newest members to The Chitika Family, Matt gregoire. Matt is currently the drummer in a band called, Meronah that focuses on Rock, Alternative and Pop Punk. He is involved in the writing and production of songs, and plays several instruments (even contributes vocals). While the band is new, Matt has been in the music industry since he was in his teens, and has had the chance to share the stage with many national acts; including Nonpoint, Kitty and Darwin’s Waiting Room. Matt has released two cd’s, of which he collaborated with national producers, and is currently working on a self produced EP- to be released this summer!

Matt has had the opportunity to meet some renown musicians like P.O.D and Beyonce. When Matt steps down for his role as “rock star”, he works as an Internet Advertising Consultant for Chitika, reaching out to publishers identifying client business challenges, and providing information about new/suitable products for maximum ad revenue potential.