By: Tessa Rudd


Chitika | Pulse first looked into gaming brand buzz this January, following Microsoft’s Xbox 360 presentation at CES International 2008. Recently, however, there has been substantial buzz surrounding the decision Warner Bros., and retailer Wal-Mart, have made to phase out HD DVD in favor for Blue-ray disc technology. It has been just over ten years since the DVD’s 1997 debut, and Sony and Microsoft have found themselves involved in a Blu-ray vs. HD DVD brand ‘warfare’. Sony initially branded the PlayStation3 as, “an all-around entertainment console, with tendrils that extend well beyond the realm of game play…chief among these is support for the Blu-ray Disc format.” Microsoft chose instead to offer product support for HD DVD with their competing gaming system, Xbox360. When WB and Wal-Mart entered the scene, the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD debate, which at first seemed only to effect DVD and DVD player sales, quickly fueled a fire in the gaming industry; will Sony’s PS3 phase-out Microsoft’s Xbox 360, based merely on the publicity it’s attracting due to its’ Blu-ray DVD capability?

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