Meet: Norah Treptow

“You learn something new everyday”

I recently started at Chitika as an Account Manager and have been asked to start a blog so that I could have a bird’s eye view into what our clients experience is like. Blogging is something that I have actually considered in the past, but had ultimately decided not to do until now. Why? I am all for sharing my feelings, opinions, and daily thoughts with family, friends, even colleagues – but sharing this with the virtual world? I’m a little hesitant of that.

With Myspace and other social networks out there – it has become second nature for people (especially youngsters) to share/blog even the most personal of stories about their lives and (YIKES) the lives of others. Since becoming a stepmom to a 9 and a 12 year old – this has become a pressing concern for me. There is a freedom on the web that we don’t experience otherwise – a locked diary that was once kept under the bed and monitored for parents’ fingerprints is now open to mass consumption – often in even more vivid detail than would have been committed to paper – and occasionally with pictures for proof.

Working for Chitika – even for a short time – has opened my eyes to the value and benefit that blogging poses. I’m not just talking about financial gain through online advertising but through sharing information about hobbies, interests, careers,and personal passion. Prior to this favorable experience most of the blogs I had read had been of the personal/diary nature which I found disturbing and I was often embarrassed for the author – knowing that in 5 years time – a fun party, bad boss, or troubled relationship could haunt the author when least expected. Little did I know how much creativity, expertise and passion went into each of these sites.

What are your thoughts on blogging about your personal life? Or reading others’ personal blog posts?

By Norah Treptow, Account Manager – Chitika, Inc.