The power of brand advertising in the blogosphere makes way for more revenue options for your website. The days of considering user-generated content a marshland are gone because advertisers are not only looking at this as a channel for direct marketing (CPC) they are now leaning on the blogosphere to reach out to consumers and their brand advertising dollars (CPC) are following them. As a leader in this space we are barging ahead, bringing new products and services that best help our advertisers arrange these efforts that connect our publishers to more revenue-generating options.

CPM+CPC revenue Last year we introduced CPM & CPC based advertising to our Premium Publishers, and now we are offering this combination to all our publishers. This new graphic ads service has one goal: maximize your revenue. The Chitika ad on your page will display a relevant and targeted banner/graphic ad on your page only when it makes sense – when it will earn you more revenue.

How it works Graphic ads will pay per impression (CPM) and will be shown only when they can earn you more revenue than a CPC-based ad. Our ad targeting system will intelligently find and display relevant graphic (CPM) ads for your pages when appropriate.

Quick Q & A

When will I start seeing CPM + CPC ads on my website? We are planning on rolling this out at the end of the month.

Will I be able to track my CPM revenue? Yes. Your reports will be updated to display CPC and CPM revenue separately.

Will I be able to opt-out of the graphic (CPM) ad program? Yes. You will be given the option to opt-out before the service releases. We are very excited about brand advertising dollars rolling into the blogosphere.

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