A recent comScore report indicates that heavy users of blogs, “heavy bloggers”, are significantly more likely to consume content across a range of categories on the web, particularly in the areas of politics, news, and entertainment. The report defines heavy bloggers as 20 percent of blog visitors; more importantly, this group accounts for 84 percent of the overall time spent on blog sites.  *data cited; comScore, 2008.

Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore, describes the ‘heavy blogger’ demographic, as a “highly informed, tech savvy, and entertainment-oriented consumer segment [which] is consistent with the profile of an ‘influencer,’ which is of course a particularly attractive audience to reach.” Are you a heavy blogger? Read more about how powerful bloggers efluence c2c marketing in Chitika | Pulse, issue X.

By Tessa Rudd, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator – Advertising Media Division