By: Ryan Travis

So, this was my first year at SXSW, and let me say – what a crazy bunch of lunatics we have in the tech community (you know who you are!!!). I’m not letting myself off the hook here – I was involved in some of this “crazy” activity too… most notably the Chitika/ProBlogger Beer-Bus. The bus-ride had a particularly dubious formula: 25 bloggers/industry-insiders + 180 beers + Pringles + no bathroom = FUN (or “yikes!” – depending on who you ask). The catchphrase of the afternoon was “Hey are we stopping for a bathroom break soon?”. Luckily I have a steel bladder and I didn’t have to go at all 😉

We had an awesome time, and it was a GREAT group of people. Thanks to all of you who attended – you definitely made my afternoon! \\

Extra special thanks to Darren Rowse for his help in organizing/populating the bus. Also – we want to give a big “Congratulations” to Steve Shickles (President, 451 Press) and Rhea Becker ( for winning our shirt-signing contest: Steve won an Xbox 360 Premium and Rhea took home Guitar Hero 3!!!

 I look forward to doing this again next year – get ready for the 2009 SXSW Chitika Beer-Boat!!!!

By: Ryan Travis, Director of Client Services