By: Karla Escolas

“An expensive alternative to traditional exercising?”

Have you ever played the boxing game for Nintendo Wii? That game is a workout in itself; my arms were sore the next day (a side-effect-first for me during a Nintendo session). As a parent, it was a bit of a relief that there was finally a gaming system available that would get my kids off the couch. That itself was enough; but now they are offering what they are calling “an exercise product” for the system called Wii Fit. I thought the thinking behind the Nintendo Wii was to get people out of the chair and moving instead of sitting glued to the TV without actually saying it 😉 – kind of like hiding broccoli in brownies, but I guess not. I foresee this game as not being too popular among most teens. Rather, it seems to be aimed at moms who are looking for a fun way to get a workout, kind of the way the Balance Board is presented in this video. And if that’s who will be interested in it, how many of them are going to purchase a $250.00 exercise video? The Nintendo Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board is said to be shipped May 19th, 2008 after their announcement of this product in 2007. I am interested in how you rate this new concept introduced as a video game, please add your vote in the poll below: