Blog Business Summit put together a nice interview with Jeff Sable (Chitika) and Gail Bjork, to find out how well Chitika ads work. It can be very helpful for bloggers of any stage, you can read some of the Q&A below or the whole interview here.


Blog Business Summit & Jeff Sable of Chitika Sales:

BBS: A lot of your ad related services seem to focus on images rather than text. Online ads used to be image banners. Then they became, almost ubiquitously, text link ads. Do you think we’re swinging back to image-based ads again?

Jeff: The great things is, one type of ad will never be the only ad that’s “in”. There will always be need for image-based ads, text based and banner. Chitika supports all of these types of ads and more so that different publishers can benefit accordingly… Keep Reading!


Blog Business Summit and Gail Bjork of

BBS: It looks like you’re running both Google ads and Chitika on your site. Do you find that one system gives you significantly better returns than another?

Gail: Both Chitika and Google AdSense do well at The overall returns between the two run often neck and neck. Currently, I have more AdSense ads running however I will be adding more Chitika ads, particularly Chitika’s Premium Related Product Units since they consistently generate the highest returns.

BBS: Chitika ads work differently than traditional CPC ads like Google. Do you find that you have to place them differently than Google ads to get good results? If you do, what do you think makes that difference?

Gail: Finding eMiniMalls was a godsend for me. They are unique and attractive interactive Display Ads that I can customize with keywords so each ad matches page content. It’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket. Thankfully, Chitika gives me the option to select my own keywords, rather than be fed ads based on content. By doing this, I can run both Chitika and Google ads on the same page without violating any terms of service. I’ve actually found that Chitka ads give good results where ever they are placed. Most of the eMiniMalls are placed above the fold; the RPUs are placed at the end of articles. Read Entire Interview.