This week on The Chitika Blog we are posting a mini series about the Chitika Ad Unit Suite that includes over 70+ revenue earning ad units! The mini series starts off today with our newest ad unit:

Chitika | Premium

What is this? A smart, personalized targeting ad solution that provides premium content & is designed be your highest performing ad unit.

Who should use this? Chitika | Premium ads are a great fit for ANY website – including finance, travel, sports, etc. If you get a lot of U.S. traffic, then Chitika | Premium ads are a perfect match for you.

How it works: For 5 years Chitika has been perfecting targeting in our product based ad units. Now we are expanding your revenue opportunities beyond products. Chitika | Premium ads will only show to U.S. traffic, and since they are behaviorally targeted, they will only display to SOME U.S. users.

I come in different sizes. 

How do I get it? Chitika users: LOGIN, click your “Get Code” tab. Not yet a user? Sign up!

All mini-series posts can be found in free eBook: Chitika’s Publisher Revenue Guide