Chitika Ad Unit Suite Mini-Series – post #3Related Product Unit (RPU)  

What is it? The RPU is a non-intrusive, product-centric text link designed to be most effective at the end of a blog post or product review.

Who should use this? If your website or blog has product reviews or general product discussion. The RPU is designed to be placed at the end of these articles. Using the RPU with other Chitika ad units have been proven to increase user revenue.

Are there any special features? By modifying the CSS of the RPU, you can match it to the exact look and feel of your website. This makes it look less like an ad and brings value to your website providing helpful information & resources about the products you are selling or reviewing.

How do I get it? Chitika users: LOGIN and click the “Get Code” tab. Not yet a user? Sign up! All mini-series posts can be found in free eBook: Chitika’s Publisher Revenue Guide