By: Norah Treptow

“How do you get home from here?”

Although I am not technologically in-the-dark per se, I do take my time before buying the latest gadgets…actually most people have the latest and greatest “new item” in their home for a good five years before I finally put the money and energy into the same purchase. I am not a fan of being part of the ‘weeding-out’ process when it comes to the quality of new gadgets on the market and I rather enjoy holding onto the majority of money I make. This leads me to a recent birthday present that I received from my family – a GPS (Garmin Street Pilot). 

Now, aside from the obvious underlying message, – that I may be directionally challenged or that I am often late, or both – I was thrilled! I had been secretly coveting one of these inventions after a recent snafu that caused me to drive an hour out of my way after taking a wrong turn in Boston. This is an incredible little toy which allows me not only to be hands-free while talking on the phone (the system integrates bluetooth technology), but also helps me to avoid traffic, plays my favorite mp3 music files, and helps to keep my eyes and attention on the road with cool voice commands and prompts.

I use my Garmin daily…often, I’m embarrassed to admit, to get to places of which I have no problem getting to; like to Chitika or even home. But no longer do I drive my standard route; I’m finding all sorts of clever and interesting ways to get to my daily destinations, all with an estimated arrival time. I travel roads I would have never had a reason to venture down before with ease. No more racing pulse when I see detour signs or when I inevitably miss my exit.

I know enough not to rely on my new toy solely to get me from point A to B, especially in unchartered waters…but quite frankly I trust and enjoy it a lot more than I do the directions and travel advice of many of my friends as it doesn’t roll its eyes when I choose to ignore its advice or unintentionally miss an exit. Perhaps they will one day make a GPS on how to get around in my personal life as well. I’m admittedly still in the honeymoon phase of the world of GPS.

Are you still walking on air or do you feel a sense of GPS disenchantment? By: Norah Treptow, Strategic Media Buyer -Chitika Inc.