We are making a small change for people who are viewing Chitika ads from unsupported countries. If you live in one of the following supported countries THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOU, so feel free to stop reading anytime now (go outside, or play some video games, enjoy life!).

The supported countries are: USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, UK

However if you DO NOT live in a country listed above, then you will notice a change in some of your Chitika ad units. To reduce stress on our servers and infrastructure, if you are viewing Chitika ads from a country that is NOT on the list above, you will now see a default ad or PSA. IMPORTANT: THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR REVENUE AT ALL! Since we do not pay for clicks from unsupported countries, this will have ZERO impact on your revenue – it will only change the way Chitika ads appear to people viewing from unsupported countries. This change will allow our servers to run a lot smoother and faster, which will make for a better experience for all of your users.

Another very positive note: Over the coming weeks, we will be focusing on securing advertisers to fill these spots, and earn you revenue for traffic that we could not monetize before. Stay tuned! 🙂

**UPDATE**: I should have posted this originally (sorry for the oversight!) – but here is a VERY easy way for you to show an alternate ad (or graphic, or whatever you want) to traffic coming from unsupported countries. Just add this line into your Chitika code: ch_alternate_ad_url = “INSERT YOUR URL HERE”; You can read more about using this variable here. -Ryan Travis, Director of Client Services