By: Karla Escolas

“What do you get a mom who has everything & wants nothing?”

Whether or not your blog or website is gadget-related (or not) here’s a few tips to get your ad units ready for Mother’s Day (May 11th!).

Set your Keywords If you’re using eMiniMalls, RPU, Multi Product Unit, Owna or ShopCloud$ you can set keywords or products to be displayed in these ad units. Login to your Chitika account and go to the code panel OR change the keywords in the code on your page like this: var ch_queries = new Array( “diamond earrings”, “heart pendant” ); However, I recommend doing this in the code panel so you can test what products display for certain keywords. Also, update the colors of your ad units to grab the attention of Mother’s Day to your visitors like using, red, pink or green for text and border colors. Don’t want pink ribbons and teddy bears on your gadget website? I’m sure there are many moms out there who would love the latest digital camera or digital picture frame!

Set up a Mother’s Day Store To get the newest version of ShopLinc, ShopLinc 2.0, Login to your account, click the arrow next to “Get Code” and click on Chitika for Domains.

How do I add the store to my domain? Add a CNAME (Alias) that contains the sub-domain ( from the above example) and point it to Here is more help on this!