One month ago we announced the upcoming launch of a new, high-earning ad unit: Chitika | Premium. We are happy to say that this ad unit is now available to start earning you revenue! What is this? A smart, personalized targeting ad solution that provides premium content. This ad unit is CPC and is designed to be your highest performing ad unit (eCPM).

Who should use this ad unit? Chitika | Premium ads are a great fit for any website with any type of content including finance, travel, sports, etc. If your website gets a lot of U.S. traffic, then Chitika | Premium ads are a perfect match for you.

When will this ad unit display on my site? Chitika | Premium ads will only show to U.S. traffic, and since they are behaviorally targeted they will only display to SOME U.S. users. When your Premium ad unit does display for a visitor it will show them advertisements they are interested in (because, after all, it’s behaviorally targeted).

What happens when Chitika | Premium does not display? The ad simply collapses into nothing. You can show an alternate URL in its place. To get your Chitika | Premium code, LOGIN and click the “Get Code” tab.