In addition to the new Chitika | Premium ads being your highest performing ad units (eCPM), they are Chitika’s first-ever ad units suitable for ALL types of content websites.

As previously mentioned, Chitika | Premium ads will only show to your U.S. traffic, and since they are behaviorally targeted they will only display to SOME U.S. users.

So how do you preview this ad unit? You can preview in 3 steps: 1. Paste the code up on your site. 2. In your address bar add #chitikatest=mortgage to the end of your page URL. 3. Press ENTER then Ctrl + R to refresh your page. This will show you what the ad would look like to a user who is interested in “mortgages.” You can replace “mortgages” with your keywords to view other ads, just make sure you then REPEAT STEP 3. GET YOUR PREMIUM AD CODE!