Since the release of our flagship ad unit eMiniMalls, Chitika has always provided products and services you can use in conjunction with other services. Thats right – we have no restrictions for using Chitika products with any other revenue-earning ad units on your website. We’ve received many questions from users asking if Chitika | Premium can be used alongside Google Adsense on their pages. Chitika | Premium is not a text-ad; it’s an interactive, image-enabled widget that is non-contextual and behaviorally targeted. Because of this, you should be able to use both ad units on your page together without being in violation. As was mentioned yesterday, Chitika | Premium is Chitika’s first-ever ad unit suitable for ALL types of content websites. This ad unit is the first of our ad unit suite to provide non-product content ads such as finance, travel, sports, and more!

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