Chitika users have noticed fantastic things going on in their accounts lately; one example is that our new behavioral targeting technology has resulted in an excellent boost in CTR and eCPM. As a result, we have not only integrated this into our new Premium ad units but now this new technology can be found in all our ad units – eMiniMalls, MPU, RPU, etc. In the past few weeks this new type of targeting has proven to be extremely effective in helping you to earn higher revenues. Chitika ad units were known in the past to work best on websites that centered around consumer products or were product-related. If you were hesitant to use Chitika on your website because your site didn’t fall into a consumer product category, then there is great news for you. Our new ad unit, Chitika Premium, caters to websites and blogs of all types not just product-related. Instead, it serves content ads related to topics such as travel and finance, to name two examples.

What everyone needs to know about Chitika Premium Because this ad unit is “behaviorally targeted” it does not display on websites as our other ad units would; only when it can display premium ads specifically to a visitor to your page. All you have to do is paste code on your site to integrate the unit just like any other; however viewing it on your page will not be as simple as “save and refresh”. While there is a preview tool you can use to view how your ad unit will display, this still leaves you with what to display when Premium cannot target your visitors’ interest:

Here are two great revenue-boosting options:

1. Place the Chitika Premium ad code where you currently have no other ad unit on your page(s). So when it does not display, it will simply “collapse” and show nothing at all.

2. (Recommended) Place the ad unit in prime locations on your page, such as near your blog/article titles or within the content of your page with an “alternate URL” ad as a backup, so Chitika Premium can earn you great revenue when displayed and supply your space with another ad when it cannot so you are continuously earning revenue.

Setting an alternate URL for Chitika | Premium is easy. Follow these steps for using an alternate ad such as Google Adsense, in the event your behaviorally targeted Chitika Premium ad unit cannot display.

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