If you plan on going to the mall in hopes of checking out every department store, please don’t ask me to come with you. I start to lose my patience after store #2; my eyes even start to water with annoyance. Yes, a girl who hates shopping. But before you label me as the perfect girlfriend, there is a catch. I prefer to remain completely clueless when it comes to the new “must-have’s” of each season. So chances are I won’t be impressed with your new iPod or HDTV…sorry. People are faced with purchasing decisions all the time; whether it’s because you’re in desperate need of a new car or cell phone, or you simply must have the new version or newest style. There are a few people here at Chitika, I won’t name any names, but you can click here to see, who stood in line for 5 1/2 hours to purchase the iPhone last year. To me, this is just crazy. My car is old – the two back tires have slow leaks and my cell phone has a crack on the front (see image above) and freezes on me like a virus-contaminated computer while sending a text message. Now why don’t I get a newer car or a cell phone that can send a basic message with ease? Pure fear. I have dropped my cell one too many times in the toilet to know better. And on a less serious note, all of these things can break at any time – your car, HDTV (by mis-using a Nintendo Wii controller) or your cell phone. It’s like flushing your money right down the…well, you get the picture. So I prefer to just have items that get the job done and look just “okay”. What kind of shopper are you?

So what’s with the Patron? Well I probably would buy this on the right occasion 🙂 Unfortunately when I said I was a fearful shopper, I forgot to mention I can be careless, sometimes. By Karla Escolas, Chitika Inc.