As you may know, all advertising programs like Chitika take proper measures to maintain the quality of their networks using a process of eliminating “fraudulent traffic” from your stats or reports. But something you might not know is that Chitika is the only company that does something a bit different than all of your other affiliate programs: every day, we show you your raw traffic stats so you are aware of the quality of your own traffic. Then, at the end of the month, traffic is removed from your reports that our advertisers will not pay for – clicks from scrapers, automated bots, obvious multiple clicking, etc.- this is a process we call “Auditing”. There are many names for this process used by other companies that they routinely run as their filtering process, such as, “smart pricing”. Chitika calls this “audits“. Nothing fancy, just self explanatory so you can better understand what it is.

Here are some answers to your most asked questions:

I am a new publisher to Chitika, how do I view my earnings and how often are they updated? You can view your “unaudited” or raw traffic stats daily (before 10:00 AM US Eastern Time) by clicking on the “Reports” tab when you log in to your account.

What is the difference between “audited” and “unaudited” traffic? Your unaudited stats are your raw traffic stats and audits reflect exactly what you will be paid at the end of each month.

When will my audited stats be ready for me to see and how do I view them? You can see your unaudited stats daily (see above). You can view your audited stats by the last day of each month for the previous months earnings. Example: On June 30th you will see audited stats for your earnings from the month of May. View your audited stats by changing your Report Type under “Report Metrics/Settings” after you click on your “Reports” tab in your account.

Why are audits done only once a month? We do as much filtering as possible on a daily basis. However, not all cases can be filtered on a daily basis so we still have to rely on a monthly process.

When do I get paid? After the auditing process is complete at the last day of each month, those who prefer to be paid from paypal receive a payment if they have reached $10.00, and a check will go out once you’ve reached $50.00. You can read more about our auditing process here or contact our customer support if you have any questions. By Karla Escolas – Chitika Customer Relationship Management