Advertisers now have the ability to create, launch, and manage customizable CPM campaigns accross the Chitika network with Chitika|OnDemand, a new self-service advertising program. 

100% Self Service | Be your own agent Using the Chitika|OnDemand Campaign Management System, advertisers can get a campaign up and running in three easy steps. After an advertisers sets a campaign budget, uploads a banner graphic, and defines a targeting category, their campaign will launch across Chitika’s network within 24 hours.

How you can earn free advertising: Chitika is matching all Chitika|OnDemand advertiser’s campaign budgets by 20% if you sign up before July 31st, 2008. Meaning, if you have an overall campaign budget of say, $500.00, we will boost this to $600.00 of valuable campaign run over our network. Reach a premium network of 20,000+ websites with over 2 billion monthly impressions!

Get Started in 3 Steps: 1. Create your campaign 2. Pay for your Campaign 3. Get started!  

Existing Chitika advertisers: Login here to manage your campaigns.