By: Alden DoRosario

CTO, Chitika Inc.

As a publisher, one often wonders how you stand relative to other publishers on the Internet (specially the high performing publishers). What are you doing right (or wrong) ? This is an analysis of 50 high-performing Chitika publishers (i.e. publishers with good traffic and monetization strategies). I hope you find this data useful AND actionable. [This analysis was done for a 7 day period between 2nd-8th June 2008].

Please Note: If you had significant traffic during 2nd-8th June 2008 with Chitika, you should be getting a customized analysis report in your mail soon. Stay Tuned.

Traffic Metrics [ PS: While there are a ton of factors that go into your traffic, we analyzed what we feel are the Top 3 factors]

Key Metric Why this matters Chitika Top Performer Averages
US Traffic (I.e. How much of your total traffic came from US) The US market is the most developed and lucrative market for advertising revenue. 56.88%
US Search Engine Traffic (i.e. How much of your US traffic came from search engines) Searchers Equal Clickers/Buyers. Search engine traffic monetizes the most and converts the best for advertisers. 59.87%
US Search Engine Traffic CTR (i.e. For the traffic that came from search engines, what was the CTR) Location Location Location – Ad placement decides whether visitors click on the ads 1.64%

So what should you do about this ?


Recommendation Why this matters Useful Links
SEO Optimizing your site for SEO attracts lucrative search engine traffic,
Traffic High traffic sites gain from incoming links and also benefit from a “Rich Get Richer” principle.
Placement Moving your ads into high heat zones leads to more clicks (Heat maps), (A/B Testing)
US Traffic Follow the money
Chitika | Premium Chitika | Premium has been shown to work great on sites that get good search engine traffic Chitika | Premium Code

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