Johns Wu had problems with money while in college (just like most of us). He started so that broke students (like himself) could discuss financial issues like college loans, budgeting tips, and debt.

“My site was a huge success that quickly grew to become one of the top 25 most highly trafficked personal finance websites on the web. “Over the years, monetizing my traffic has always been one of my biggest hurdles. When I was a small website with low traffic, potential advertisers didn’t bother dealing with me. In addition, I did not have the resources to hire salespeople to help sell ads on my site. This was a problem. How was I supposed to expand my website to become a big-time player without funding to fuel my growth? “I’ve found that advertising brokers like Chitika & Adsense that match advertisers to publishers to be invaluable in monetizing my traffic. I get highly targeted ads with high eCPMs, and I don’t have to spend my time or money selling off my ad inventory myself. “I have been using Chitika|Premium on for about a week now. The CPCs are very fair and have experienced a leap in eCPM from Premium over others. Because most of my traffic is from search, I have no problems getting Chitika ads to display relevant ads. And I really think the small icons ext to the ads do well for CTR, and I am curious why other networks have not followed suit. “Chitika is one of my higher revenue ad networks especially my eCPM from Chitika|Premium ad units. Overall, I’ve noticed a 300% increase in revenue over what I was using before.”

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